ISSP2019: The 15th International Symposium on Sputtering and Plasma Processes

ISSP2019: Guide for Authors

Note that the submission of on-site proceeding manuscript is mandatory. In addition, all authors are encouraged to submit their post-conference proceedings manuscripts to the Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B (JVST B) (Please see below).

          * Registration via web page has been closed. 

             Please register at the venue.


Instruction to submit a manuscript for on-site proceedings


April 19, 2019

Address for submission and inquiries

You should submit your manuscript file in PDF format via Proceeding Submission page. Recommended size of PDF file is less than 4M-byte.

If you can not convert your manuscript to PDF file, please contact to ISSP2019 Office.

Copyright Form

The ISSP committee requires the Copyright Form filled out by an authorized person. The Copyright Form is available in:

Please fill out the form, convert it into PDF, and please submit the Copyright form file (separately from the proceeding file) via  Proceeding Submission page. Namely, the pdf file to be submitted will be:

It is appreciated if you name the Copyright Form file with your program number and your name (ex. "CopyrightForm_FS_1- 9_T_Goto.pdf").

Instruction for manuscript preparation

Sample file for manuscript is available in:

(This file is the same as that was attached to the acceptance E-mail letter for all authors)

You can use the Word file as a template if you prefer. Before submission, don't forget to convert your manuscript to PDF Format. Please DO NOT forget to embed the fonts into the PDF file.

  • Papers must be written in English.
  • The number of pages permitted are 2 or 3 pages for each presentation (6 pages manuscript is permitted for invited presentation, and 4 pages manuscript is permitted for maker presentation). However, those intending to submit a paper for post-conference proceedings (described later) are strongly recommended to prepare on-site proceedings of two or three pages. This is because the post-conference proceedings manuscript is intended as an upgraded version of the on-site proceedings manuscript.
  • The manuscript must fit within an area of 16.5 cm (6-1/2 in.) width by 25.4 cm (10 in.) height on A4 size (21.0 cm x 29.7 cm) or letter size sheets.
  • Clear font style and size, such as 10.5 point Times New Roman, is recommended so that all the letters in the text and in the figures are not smaller than 0.33cm (1/8 in.). 9-12 point Times New Roman is permitted if you don't have 10.5 point type. Either typewriter or word-processing type is permitted as long as type is clear and high contrasts.
  • Papers must be laid out double column and typed in single space with appropriate spacing between paragraphs, sections, chapters and so on.
  • Type the title in bold letters, Single-spaced. On a new line, type the author’s names and their affiliations and addresses including e-mail address.
  • After the first page, remaining texts must start at the top of the second page.
  • Don't write any page number. ISSP Office numbers the page penetrating the proceedings.
Figures, Tables and Photographs
  • All figures and photographs should be sized and placed in the paper. DON'T put figures and photographs at the end of your manuscript. They should be clear and high contrast originals. Since the on-site proceedings will be provided via CD-ROM, use of color photographs and figures is recommended.
  • Lines should be bold, and figures, symbols, letters should be large (9-12 point type is recommended) and well spaced for reading easily.
  • Roman numerals should be used for tables and Arabic numerals for figures. Table captions should be centered above the tables. Figure captions should be centered below the figures. Where possible, figures and tables should be horizontally on the page.
  • References to other papers should be consecutively numbered and listed at the end of the paper.
  • Please consult this page for the recommended style of ISSP.
  • Authors should check their own manuscript carefully for typographical errors and small changes. The ISSP committee will NOT correct your manuscript. If your native language is not English, it is recommended to ask natives to check the manuscript.
  • Papers received by ISSP committee are considered to be in final form as a camera ready manuscript.
  • ISSP committee will make no correction for your manuscript.

It should be noted that manuscript that does not meet the above requirements may not be included in the on-site proceedings.

Guide for Presentation




Invited Presentations (Oral and Poster)

Invited speakers present both oral and poster presentations.

Oral presentation: 40 minutes for presentation including 5 minutes discussion, and Poster presentation: Evening session (based on the oral presentation).

Presentation A & Manufacturer's Presentation (Oral and Poster)

The authors present both oral and poster presentations.

Oral presentation: 20 minutes for presentation including 5 minutes discussion, and Poster presentation: Evening session (based on the oral presentation).

Presentation B (Poster)

The authors present only poster presentation.

Poster presentation: Evening session.

Equipment for Presentation

Oral presentation

The oral presentation room will be equipped with a LCD projector and projector-sharing switcher.

Please test your laptop PC during the break time before your session. Bring the copy of your file for presentation saved in CD-R, CD-RW or USB memory for any possible trouble on your PC. Substitutive PC, in which Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Reader are installed, is prepared in the meeting place. 35-mm slide projector or any other equipment is NOT prepared. If you need this equipment for your presentation, contact to the committee after submitted your manuscript, please.

Poster presentation

A poster board of 180 cm width and 90 cm height is prepared for poster presentation.

The presenting authors should prepare posters that is written in bigger font (over 24 points) for poster session. The presenting authors in the oral sessions also should present posters in the poster sessions for discussion based on their oral presentations. The copies of slides used in the oral session are permitted for the poster presentation.

Contribution to post-symposium special issue of J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B

All authors are encouraged to submit their post-conference proceedings manuscripts to the Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B (JVST B). All manuscripts will be reviewed by the same standards as regular JVST submissions. Conference papers should be rewritten with new and/or additional data, and together with discussions raised during the author’s symposium talk. Accepted papers will appear online immediately after proof processing, and published in the next open issue of JVST B. Accepted papers will be grouped in Special Topic Collection: ISSP2019. The manuscript submission deadline for post-conference proceedings is October 1, 2019.

Please see JVST B Information for Authors <> and Submit JVST B Manuscripts <>.

Contact to: ISSP2019 Office (Contact Information)